2020 Advisory Forum
Faculty Survey

As we prepare for bargaining this year, the Advisory Forum would like a few minutes of your time to give us your thoughts on a few topics. We are polling the faculty to find their views on a diverse set of issues. We certainly do not expect to place proposals on the table that address all of the areas covered in this survey. The survey allows us to assess faculty opinion on issues that the administration might raise so that we can better speak for the faculty in countering administrative proposals, or to identify issues that the faculty wish to pursue in this round of negotiations.


The following information is necessary in order for us to look for and determine demographic patterns in your responses.

Salary and Compensation Issues

Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:

Health Care Benefits Issues

Background information:
Oakland currently contributes 95% of health care premiums equal to that of the least expensive HMO (which is BCN at this time), meaning that all faculty now contribute at least 5% to their health care premiums.

Current Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living HMO subscribers only:
Current Priority Health HealthbyChoice Achievements HMO subscribers only:
Current Priority Health Choice Buy-Up HMO subscribers only:
Current BCBSM Community Blue PPO subscribers only:
All faculty:

Other Benefits

Workload and Job Security

Support for Research and Travel



Ranking of Issues by Importance


Issues We Have Not Addressed

Questions from the AAUP Executive Committee

The OU-AAUP is engaged in a number of activities beyond bargaining and enforcing the Agreement through grievances, arbitrations and other legal actions. Examples of these activities are communication within the membership at OU and at AAUP chapters across Michigan, and consulting with the other collective bargaining groups on campus.
Thank you for your input